When is the Bradshaw Grinder?

The Bradshaw Grinder will be held on Saturday September 24 2016 at the Mayer Recreation Center located in downtown Mayer, Arizona.

What is the Bradshaw Grinder?​

The Bradshaw Grinder is a 60 mile out and back course starting and finishing in Mayer utilizing county roads through the southern section of the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona. Most of the course lies within the Prescott National Forest.

Who can participate in the Bradshaw Grinder?

The Bradshaw Grinder is an event for the experienced and well-trained bicyclist. Although not technical, this is a challenging course with a significant amount of climbing.

 What kind of bike will I need?

Leave the road bike at home for this one. A cyclocross/gravel bike bike will excel on the climbs. A mountain bike will rule the downhills. Honestly, it’s a toss up between these two. Choose a Fat Bike and you will cruise in comfort.

What is the course like?

The consistency of the course will vary from well maintained gravel to hard packed dirt two-track with just two miles of pavement near the start/finish. There are numerous steep climbs and steep downhills.

Will the course be marked?

Yes. This website contains a detailed map that you should checkout before the event. Major crossroads will be signed. Aid Stations will be located at Crown King (30 miles from start) and at the Goodwin (10 miles from the start/finish). Aid Stations will be stocked with water and refreshments. A SAG vehicle will follow the last rider on the course.

Am I allowed to receive any outside assistance during the event?

No, outside support at any point other than official checkpoints will result in disqualification. Riders may assist other riders by any means and at any time.

What equipment should I carry on the Bradshaw Grinder?

Outside support (except from other riders) is prohibited other than at official check points located at the the aid stations. You should plan on being as self-reliant as possible. Here are some suggested items to carry when riding the Bradshaw Grinder.

– master chain link
– spare tubes (2)
– multi tool
– chain break tool
– warm gear (course goes above 7500 ft at highest point)
– tire levers
– pump/ CO2
– cell phone
– sun screen
– patch kit

May I have a support crew follow me along the route?

NO. Support crews are not allowed on course. We will provide a SAG vehicle that will provide assistance if a mechanical issue causes you to abandon the event. Additional vehicles on the course will compromise the event for the participants. If a support crew is found to be on course, that rider will be immediately disqualified from the event.

 Is lodging/camping available in the area?

Yes. Please visit the Lodging page for a listing of area hotels.