• Riders must ALWAYS obey all traffic laws and strictly obey any law enforcement persons or official event personnel.
  • Pass on the left and let yourself be known when doing so.
  • DO NOT PASS riders or vehicles on blind corners.
  • Riders must respect the directions of all course marshals at all times.
  • All riders must attend the pre-ride briefing (riders’ meeting) held at the start 15 minutes prior to the event.
  • Riders must respect the directions of all course marshals at all times – No exceptions.
  • The responsibility of keeping on the prescribed course rests with the rider.
  • A rider may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered to do so by public authorities or an event official.
  • A rider is required to stay on the designated route that is marked and or specified as the event course.  Lack of tape or barriers on the course, or misplaced signs will not constitute an excuse for cutting the course.


  • Support crews are not allowed on the course.
  • You are responsible for your mechanical needs during the event.
  • No outside help or outside event vehicle support.
  • Any rider that cannot complete the full distance of their event should report as a DNF to timing immediately.



  • NO aerobars!
  • NO headphones will on course – this is for your safety and the safety of those around you.
  • No public urination or exposure.
  • No public profanity.
  • All riders are required to wear an ANSI or other approved helmet.
  • A rider may be disqualified for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all costs associated with the damage or destruction.
  • Local laws and ordinances of appropriate jurisdictions shall be observed at all times


9:15am (1hr45min) – riders who have not made it to the Spur Cross Aid Station (mile 11.6) by 9:15am will not be allowed to continue on the course. You will ride your bike back to the finish.

11:30am (4hrs)  – riders who have not made it to the Crown King Aid Station (mile 30) by 11:30am will not be allowed to continue on the course and will be transported back to the finish by an event “sag” vehicle.


Management reserves the right to remove and “DNF” any rider from the event that is deemed incapable of safely finishing the course for any reason.
Management reserves the right to make changes to the course as necessary for safety or security purposes or at the request of permit issuers U.S. Forest Service and Yavapai County.